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I recently came across's TruthSquad blog, and because they're far enough away that we're not competing for clients, I can safely admit that I am thoroughly impressed. :) While it is delivered with an amount of sass and snark that I would usually reserve for B2B conversations, not so much client interaction, they make some excellent points. One article of theirs that really caught my attention was this one regarding 'DJ licenses". With all the media hubbub about copyright infringement, artist rights, royalties, etc. it's a topic that I do get a fair amount of questions about. While I would highly encourage you to check out the TruthSquad article because, boy, did they do their homework, suffice it to say that no such "license" exists. While we at Karisma Events do source all of our music legally, weddings and other private special events don't require any kind of permits to comply with copyright laws. Basically, because the music isn't being played for profit, you're safe from the men in suits crashing your party. Beyond that, many event venues carry the appropriate licenses for the public performance of music. You see, that's the thing, the license is issued to the location, not the performer. I've asked, and I flat out couldn't get one even if I wanted to. I would highly encourage anyone who's looking for a DJ to be wary of any company claiming to hold such a license. Such a thing simply doesn't apply to DJs and musicians in the special event industry, so if a company is selling you (and charging you for) something that you don't need (and that doesn't exist), it would make me very curious about what else they've included in your ubiquitous and ambiguous "wedding package", and what other misinformation they're peddling. Consider it one less thing you need to worry about while you're planning your next celebration, and leave the paperwork to the very stylish bunny. Ha!

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